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Join me to empower our young minds to be kinder, more tolerant and understand how diverse the world is.

Marswa Blossom Yarmeto

Marswa Blossom Yarmeto is a bestselling Published Author and a Public Speaker on racism, bullying and diversity. She is now a Canadian citizen, who was born in Liberia during the infamous civil war to a gifted broadcast journalist. Blossom, as she is affectionately called, survived the brutal civil war. She is a wife and mother of two beautiful young girls.
Blossom has been blogging over the years and is skilled in creative writing.
Blossom has a passion and gift for molding younger minds. She holds a Social Service Work diploma from Centennial College and a degree in Sociology from York University.
And she is in the teaching field – primary school.


My 4-year-old daughter in junior Kindergarten inspired me to write: ‘Black, Brown or White We All Feel’. She would come home from school complaining about her classmates telling her they didn’t like her hair or telling her that she couldn’t play with them. My heart was broken, and I thought to myself, how can I change the narrative and make a difference in my own little way. I knew I had the gift of writing, so I decided to inspire the minds of our children through my writings. Writing on issues like race, diversity, kindness, bullying and inclusion. I’m so thrilled to be making a positive impact on our younger generation through my contribution. It means a lot because they are our future. As the sky is big enough for all the stars to shine, so is the world big enough for us all to shine and do well. The world was made diverse for us all to belong. We’re all important and we all belong. Nobody is better than the other person. We’re all amazing in our own way.

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"Black, Brown or White, We All Feel" is now available in Kitchener libraries, Barnes & Noble, Indigo Online Catalog & on Amazon. Coming soon to: Winners, Marshalls, Walmart Market Place, libraries & stores across the GTA


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"Whoo hoo we finally got our copy!!! Nevaeh absolutely love this book. She read it couple of times already."

- Mom's review (Tenneh)

"You did absolutely spectacular on this book. Ryan loves the cover of the book, because all the kids are different colors but enjoy playing and being happy with each other."

- Mom's review (Rodell)

"My 5 year old daughter absolutely loved this book. She even took it to school, so her teacher can read it to the class. I strongly recommend this book to anyone, without any hesitations.

- Mom's review (Veronica)

"This book is amazing, great book for teaching children and a learning tool for adults."

- Mom's review (Marie)

"I like that kids are playing together, it's a nice book to read."

- Francis

"An amazing and inspiring book. It's perfect to teach your child to be kind to others."

- Mom's review (Cassandra)

"The book, "Black, Brown or White We All Feel" is amazing. I took it to the kindergarten where I teach and the preschoolers loved it! My daughter loves it, she found herself in the book."

- Mom's review (Miya)

"I like how there's equality and diversity in the book, and it doesn't judge others for their race."

- Beatrice

"Easy read, great book. I will be sharing the link with friends and family. I love it."

- Mom's review (Emma)

"My daughter read it a few time and she loves it. It's a great conversational piece for young children. Great job Blossom, for capturing these important messages for our young minds.

- Mom's review (Jerrydine)

"I like how the book teaches us to be kind. I also like how the book shows us that all colors are beautiful."

- Angel

"I like how the book doesn't judge people by there skin color."

- Jojo

"Amazing and well-written. This book gives kids self-empowerment and confidence. Both of my daughters really enjoy reading this book."

- Dad's review (SB)

"Amazing and well-written. This book gives kids self-empowerment and confidence. Both of my daughters really enjoy reading this book."

- Dad's review (SB)

"It's a good book. You dealt with issues that the kids go through and managed to say a lot in like 12 pages. I love it."

- Mom's review (Thea)

"Miracle is very happy."

- Mom's review (Chico)

"So me and my girls just read this amazing children's book." Yes, we all feel, even as adults, we should be mindful of what we do or say to others. This book is truly an amazing book."

- Mom's review (Antonia)

"What I like about "Black, Brown or White We All Feel" is that there is diversity and it shows that no matter where you're from or who you are, you deserve to be happy."

- Cece